Who inspires us ...

This section is reserved to people who inspires us. Those who makes us feel better thanks to their ideas, their acts, their thoughts, their dreams, their world, their imagination, their pictures, their behaviors...
Most of them we personally know. Some are friends for a long time, some others more recently, but we share with them an ideal of a "better world", not into utopias but into implementing real differences in every day´s life, like real friendship, best behavior practices, simplicity and above all... sharing real moments of complicity between people...

Estelle Valente
Estelle is a friend I met in Paris 20 years ago. After a couple of years working with CapMagellan, she decided in 2010 to cross France, Spain and Portugal by train and to settle in Lisbon. Her hobbies, photography and music, turned to be her addiction to Life Moments and, in a couple of months, she is an incredible wells of knowledge about Lisbon where she has found a diverse and endless source of inspiration. "The real paradises are those that we have lost" and "The shadows of time" are examples of how sweet and delicate she treats reality, giving back its essence, in pictures and then, thanks to the complicity of writers, into words. 
Our building gave her the opportunity to picture some treasures of its past for ever.
The french newspaper Libération choose one of its picture to illustrate its page "Souvenir de la fin du monde" (Memory from the End of the World) and the writer José Anjos wrote the story of it
She took the picture of an old letter and Francisco Resto wrote the letter:

Sidney Haddad... a brazilian photographer
Sonia and I met Sydney in São Paulo, in his beautiful and incredible apartment in Le Bretagne Building, a pink and yellow 18-floor building, designed by João Artacho Jurado in 1959 in the Higienópolis neighborhood. Have a look at his pictures http://shaddad.tumblr.com

Hélio Bray ... a young and genius artist
Hélio was born in Lisbon. He is fan of Street Art and developed his own brand : HelioBray
His own creations for us:

... From Hélio:


Alexandre Farto (aka “Vhils”)